Special Programmes

Apart from underprivileged children, we also undertake a number of initiatives to reach out to senior citizens, prisons and more.

Gunella Senior Citizens Home

The group visited the Friends of Mercy Home for destitute men, having 30 residents. The program included sharing of their stories. Prema Jyothi presented a skit and songs, followed by a dinner to the participants.

Cheshire Home

The group visited the old age home, where there are about 20 residents. The program included sharing of their stories. Prema Jyothi members entertained them with songs, followed by a dinner for the participants.


The group visited the orphanage and presented a skit, shared inspiring stories about kindness, faith and caring about the society. The group also carried snacks and spent the entire day playing with the children.

Prison Ministry

A Visit was organized to the Bangalore prison housing 140 children of the convicts. Friends of Prema Jyothi conducted entertaining programs, with skits & games. This was followed by a meal.

Home of Hope

A visit was organized to the Home of Hope, a Crèche. These are children of domestic workers, and house 15 children. Food and gifts were provided.

World Handicap Day

Friends of Mercy, our project partners, celebrated World Handicapped Day with 500 disabled persons. We joined with them and contributed towards their meal expenses.

Ejipura Slum Program

Prema Jyothi visited the Government demolished Ejipura slum, which the State Government had demolished, leaving the slum dwellers homeless. We visited the slum on two different occasions and distributed over 50 blankets, cash, and food.

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